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Dripping Taps

Dripping Taps

Your plumbing system is made up of many different pipes, fittings and fixtures. Some of the most important of these are the taps, as they enable you to access your water supply! If this function is inhibited because a tap has started leaking or become difficult to turn, it can be a huge inconvenience.


If you require a leaking tap repair, or need new taps installed it is best for this to be done by a trained plumbing technician. With so many different pieces, parts and connections, it can be confusing trying to install or repair tapware yourself – enlist the services of a qualified plumber from Green Jet Plumbing Services and we can have your new taps installed or old leaking taps replaced or repaired with minimal downtime or stress to you with quality workmanship and customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Wall mounted taps

Taps which come through the wall, such as bath taps and shower taps are more difficult than the standard tap setup to fix. Since the breaching piece, which is the T-shaped pipe that supplies the tap with water, is concealed behind the wall, tiles and wall sheets need to be removed so that the tap can be accessed.

Mixer taps

Unlike the traditional system of two taps and a separate spout, the modern mixer tap setup uses only a single lever that is usually connected to the spout. This lever can be turned to hot and cold and can also mix the two. Mixer taps don’t have washers, but instead have a far more complex cartridge insert that controls the flow of water.  If a replacement cartridge can be sourced, we will be able to repair your existing tapware. If a replacement can’t be sourced, or the tap beyond repair, we will be able to replace it with a brand new one.

Basin and sink taps

When you have a tap that is leaking or difficult to turn off, not only is it annoying but it can also cause damage to the surrounding area such as the cupboards or vanity unit. Depending on whether it’s the washer, the T-piece inside the sink or basin, the spindle or the valve seating, we will be able to repair or replace your basin tap or kitchen sink tap in no time at all.

Laundry taps

Regardless of whether you have a mixer tap, a wall mounted tap or a standard hob tap, Green Jet plumbing services will be able to carry out any work required to get your laundry taps working perfectly again. If your laundry taps aren’t too damaged, we will repair them by replacing washers, cleaning the spindles, replacing the cartridge in mixer taps, and completing a full service. However, any taps that are too old, rusted or damaged will need to be replaced.

Shower taps

Shower taps, like many other types of tapware in the home, can be either mixer taps or the traditional two tap setup. We will quickly and easily repair or replace your problematic shower taps.

Spouts and shower roses

In addition to the taps themselves, we can repair or replace your shower roses, as well as spouts for all areas in the home. We can also assist you with selection of the new spout or shower rose.

Garden taps

Garden taps generally fail because they aren’t used often, so the washer, spindle and other parts have time to rust and decay. If this is the case, we may need to replace your garden tap rather than repair it.

Quarter and half turn taps

Designed for easy and efficient use, quarter-turn taps and half-turn taps are a little more difficult to repair than standard tapware. Like a mixer tap, a quarter or half-turn tap doesn’t have a washer, instead functioning with its own special cartridge. In order to repair a quarter turn or half turn tap, the cartridge will usually need to be replaced in addition to going through the normal service, but these cartridges can sometimes be difficult to get. If we can source a new cartridge for your tap, we’ll be able to repair it for you. Otherwise, we can replace your quarter or half-turn tap.

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