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Green Jet Plumbing Services offers high quality plumbing services only from the best and most trustworthy professional plumbers in Australia.
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Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Tanks

Rain water tanks are a solution to a water supply that saves thousands of dollars yearly.


Rainwater tanks offer a means to store rain water that can be used for flushing toilets, washing cars, watering gardens and washing clothes.  Rain water runs from your gutters to downpipes that are connected to your tank.  Appropriate screens are installed to stop debris and insects from entering the tank.  At times, modifications to the rain gutters may be necessary.  Without any work at all, you harvest and store rainwater for use throughout the year! Rainwater tanks can be installed above ground or underground and each performs the useful purpose of collecting and storing rainwater, which is a valuable asset.


Rainwater tanks are a modern means to collect and store a supply of clean water for many uses.  Rainwater harvesting is not a new trend.  More and more property owners are becoming interested in rainwater harvesting as it is an economical approach to ensure access to water throughout the year, and to lower your water bills.  The rainwater harvesting system is eco-friendly and a responsible practice for property owners who are concerned about the environment.


Green Jet plumbing will properly fit your home with a rainwater tank Sydney that is the most appropriate and most suited tank for your water harvesting needs.  While untreated rainwater is considered non-potable water, there are many uses for the water, which saves property owners thousands of dollars annually.


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