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Green Jet Plumbing Services offers high quality plumbing services only from the best and most trustworthy professional plumbers in Australia.
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Sewer & Storm-water Drainage

Sewer & Storm-water Drainage

Storm water drain pipes funnel away the rainwater from your grates and downpipes. Just like the sewer drain pipes, these are also prone to getting clogged with tree roots. Sometimes they can get dislocated due to earth movement. Since these are under the ground, locating them becomes very difficult.


When there is a blocked drain on your property, there are some signs like foul odour, sewer backup, the sinks and showers filling up. In the case of storm water drains, there are no such evident signs of a problem building up. This is why, often by the time customers contact us, the problem has already become quite severe. The one sign that you may need storm water repairs is when there is a very heavy rain storm in the area and the drains are unable to cope with the deluge. You may notice pooling on your property and this water could also run back into your home. When the crack in the pipe is minor, it can be patched. When there is major damage, pipe lining or pipe replacement maybe required.

Blocked pipes

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